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Collette was kind enough to mention the Monsterlist of Halloween How-to's in her book:   Offers information on Halloween festival celebrations.   Jonah found this when researching Halloween celebrations in class.  



I'm requesting you drop over to my home haunt site at and the sister sites linked there. I've been involved in the entertain biz in one form or another since 1969 and that includes Halloween haunted houses (I used to work for Knott's Halloween Haunt). I rarely do prop stuff for the movies anymore (my current work in that industry now involves script doctor/screenwriter), but I can't get the haunt bug out of my system.

Hilber Graf
The Spectral Traveler
Paranormal Investigations/Orange County Ghost Hunters
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We at,, are a free Halloween ecards site.

And from my friend Brent Ross, comes a couple of great sites - This website is for Halloween artists and enthusiasts, as well as those who enjoy creations and celebrations of all that is delightfully dark

Scary Clowns - The secret fear of clowns is finally revealed. Shocking information about evil clown, Coulrophobia and ghosts caught on tape.

From St0ny comes a highly recommended site: