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Suggest A Site

If you have a prop you would like to suggest for the Monsterlist please click here to send me an email. I will review the site and if it meets my qualifications (see below) I will add it during the next update. Please note, due to my work schedule I only update every couple of months or so, but I save each and every email and never forget them!

About the type of submission:  I reject a lot of submissions (sigh). This is not because I am cruel or have some kind of quality standard. I don't judge how original or cool any submission is. My sole criteria is that it must be a "how to", it must actually teach someone how to build the prop, not just show them that you did so.

Most of the submissions I receive are of a prop that was built and a couple of photos taken during its construction. While that may be sufficient to give an expert the right idea to proceed I couldn't give a printout of the page to my grandmother and have her make the prop. Descriptions such as "I started with some 2"x2" boards and made a frame" or "carve the wings to look like bats" or my favorite "too much wiring to describe" do not give sufficient instructions for a novice to build it.

I urge you to put some "how to" into your pages, it will not take you very much time and years from now when someone is just getting into this hobby, has never built anything and is looking forward to making their first prop, your instructions can mean the difference between a happy haunter and someone frustrated with their inability to duplicate your pictures.