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This page contains the same content as the regular Monsterlist of Halloween Projects page, it is formatted with a minimum of information and broken into sections for people with slow internet connections or minimally functional browsers.

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The Monsterlist of Halloween Projects is the most complete collection of links to pages with do-it-yourself projects on them that I have ever seen. These are not your little kids Halloween crafts, every scary devious seriously spooky prop and project designed for truly scaring people is listed here. Most importantly, the list is checked periodically for accuracy. This is not an all-inclusive list of everything Halloween, the Monsterlist has no popup ads or sponsors, it is a volunteer site and will stay that way. It is not an index of professionals pushing their wares. It is simply a gathering place of projects and ideas that people who build their own Halloween props can use. Usually I have linked to the project page itself however I recommend browsing from there to the owners main Halloween page, there is usually plenty of interesting Halloween information. 

Last Update 01/12/2012 , 731 Project Links Validated


In the list below are plans and/or descriptions detailing how to build your own scares for Halloween. Each link opens in a new window. NOTE: The owners, developers, and authors of this web page and web site are not responsible for the misuse of the information provided on this page and web site and do not take responsibility for any use or outcome of the same. Please use common sense and the utmost safety precautions when designing and deploying special effects, props and decorations. 


NoNo Ghost - instructions for altering an oscillating fan to be a moving ghost. By Guy and Jen
Old Laughing Bucky
- instructions for modifying a skulls jaw to swing freely. By Chuck Rice
Opening Tombstone
- instructions for motor actuated tombstone that lifts up. By Spookdawg (Michelle Martin.)
Onboard Fogger Timer
- Instructions for wiring and installing a timer inside a fog generator. By Scary Terry.
Paper Mache Pumpkin
- instructions for making a pumpkin from a garbage bag covered in paper mache. By Stolloween (Scott)
Paper Mache Skull
- instructions for duplicating a plastic skull with paper mache. By SpookyBlue
Paper Mache Skul
l - instructions for duplicating a skull with paper mache. By Jeff Quaglietta.
PC Haunt Control
- interface schematics and source code for a PC-based haunt controller. By Dave Bell.
PC Relay Driver Board
- illustrated instructions for assembling a relay driver board that plugs into a computer. By Matt Sargent.
Peek-a-boo Zombie Animatronic
- instructions for creating a motorized popup zombie. By Kevin Gierlach
Petrified Tree
- Instructions for making a large skull infused tree. By Zombie Sniper (Trevor Baldwin)
Pill Bottle Prop Trigger
- instructions for making a easy-to-hold but relatively invisible trigger. By Vern Graner
Piny Hills Crypt
- detailed instructions for making a full-sized plywood crypt. By Piney Hills (Vance)
PIR modifications
- diagram and instructions for modifying PIR (Passive InfraRed motion detectors) by Dave Bell.
Pirate Cannon
- instructions for making a pneumatically worked pirate cannon. By Part Time Chef
Pneumatic coffin
- basic instructions for making a coffin with pop-open lid. By MotorMayhem (Miles)
Popping Skulls
- instructions for making a pneumatic popup skull. By Halloweenie
Pop-up pneumatics
- instructions for making a generic pneumatic popup mechanism. Too complicated for Grandma. By Russell Snyder
Possessed Mailbox
- instructions for a mailbox that opens and closes while lighted from within. By Allen
Projected Light Ghosts
- instructions for moving projected ghosts.  By Raymond F.
Projected Ghosts
- instructions for using a projector and mirrored ball to make moving ghost images. By Peter Woskov
Pumpkin Thief
- detailed instructions for making a small demonic character. By Denhaunt
Pumpkin Thief
- instructions for making a small demonic character. Original by Denhaunt, this one by Zombie Sniper (Trevor Baldwin)
Puking Exorcist Head
- instructions for making a water-pump prop head. By Ryan Evans
- instructions for making a scary pumpkin-headed scarecrow. By Spookyblue
Scanning Head
- instructions for motorized head that looks back and forth. By Peter Woskov
- instructions for making a coffin and creature. By HauntedHotSauce (Victor Ives). (Note: this is via a .pdf file)
Peering Prop
- instructions for making a moving skeleton that peeks out from behind something. By Jeff Baird
Prop Floater
- extensive instructions for making a floating candelabra and general purpose mechanical linkage. By Jeffrey Sherrard
PVC Prop
- instructions for creating a PVC pipe framework for a standup prop. By Jeff Quaglietta
Rat Feast
- instructions for motorized eating rats. By Bob and Cindy
Rain Proof Black Light
- instructions for making an outdoor waterproof black light. By Chris Olsen
Reaper Stone
- instructions for making a Grim Reaper statue on a pedestal. By Merlin
Rickety Floor
- instructions for building floor section that tips. By Raymond F.
Robotic Controller using an Atari 800
- instructions for programming and building a circuit to control animations.  By Allen
Rock Speakers
- instructions for building a fake rock and hiding a speaker in it. By Tony Shutters
Rock Speakers
- instructions for building a fake rock and hiding a speaker inside it. By John Nelson
Rocking a Chair with a Wiper Motor
- instructions for attaching a motor to a chair causing it to rock back and forth. By Scary Terry
Roof Ghost
- instructions for making a ghost that flies around roof. By the Hedstroms
Rotoff the Deadnose Reindeer
- instructions for attaching a animal skull to animated reindeer. By PaHalloweenFreak
  - instructions for making a PVC and Pumpkin scarecrow. By Cory Derenburger
- instructions for making a scarecrow out of grape vines. By SpookyBlue
Scissor Prop
- instructions for making a pneumatic scissor to move a prop. By Sue McDonald.
Shrinking Tunnel
- instructions for creating a full sized optical illusion tunnel. By Jamie
- instructions for creating a lighted sign of any pattern. By DJKammo
Simple Blucky Animation
- Instructions for a very quick and easy (but not particularly cheap) way to add some basic animation (head left/right pan) to a blow mold skeleton using the servos and the Parallax Prop-1 control board. By Cindy and Bob
Simple Cemetary Fence
- instructions for making a durable fence from wood and PVC. By Tony Barkdull
Simple Fancy Fence
- instructions for making a fancy-looking cemetary fence. By Merlin
Simple Animatronics (robotic hand)
- instructions for making a moveable monster hand.
Skeletal Hands
- instructions for making skeleton hands from wire and Crayola Model magic. By TJ
Skeleton Warriors
- instructions for altering a skeleton to make it a stand-up warrior. By Wes Bourn
- instructions for making a pneumatic linkage popup. By Wes Bourn
Skin Face
- instructions for making an unwrapped-skin effect mask. By Derek Greenwood.
- instructions for duplicating skulls with paper mache. Original by Paul Quaglietta, this one by Crypto propology (Paul)
Skull Fountain
- instructions for blood pumping fountain of skulls. By Haunted Acre Wood (Spike and Drusilla)
Skull Fountain
- instructions for bleeding skull blood pumping fountain. By Troy
Skull Fountain
- instructions for making a bleeding skull with glowing eyes blood pumping fountain. By HalloweenHellMouth (Troy)
Skull Lights
- instructions for lights covered in tiny skulls. By Born2Haunt (Frank)
Skull Mold
- instructions for molding an existing skull and making numerous copies. By Noah Fentz
Skydiver Skeleton
- instructions for making a skeleton hanging with a parachute. By Black Cat Cemetary (Ryan)
Small Fog Machine
- instructions (in Portuguese) on how to make a homemade fog machine. By Lucio
Smokey Joe
- instructions for enlarging a Blow-Mold Skeleton and "corpsifying" it. By Merlin.
- instructions for large static eye-catching prop. By Pumpkinrot
Soul Tree
- construction example of large skeleton/tree sculpture. By Jeramy walton
- instructions for making a full-size spaceship. By HalloweenHallows (Danny Withee)
Spell Book
- instructions for adding decorations to a large-format book. By ShadowManor
- instructions for making realistic static spiders. By Born2Haunt.
Spider Jumper
- instructions for making a pneumatic spider jump out of a cage. By LAZ (Larry Neirynck)
Spider Plans
- instructions for making large-scale spiders. By Dano Needhammer
SpiderWeb Plans
- instructions for making a 20' spiderweb. By Dano Needhammer
Spiders on the Bush
. instructions for making small backlit spiders. By HowlHaunter
Spiders Victim
- instructions for a life-size spider-webbed victim prop. By Alba
Spinning Floor
- instructions for creating a motorized floor section. By Merlin.
Spinning Skull Ghost
- basic instructions for creating a motor-driven hanging ghost. By Chris Olsen
Spitting Snake
- instructions for connecting compressed air to snake prop. By Frighteners Entertainment.
Spookyfire Flickering LED's
- instructions for using flashing LED's to make a flickering effect. By SpookyBlue
Spooky Old Sign
- instructions for making a weathered sign. By Derek Greenwood
Stalker Prop
- basic instructions for a large costume that mounts on a helmet. By Joe Richie
Stalker Prop
- instructions for building large costume that mounts on a helmet. By Zombie Zach
Stalker Costume
- instructions for making a large costume that mounts on a helmet. By HomeHauntersHaven
- pictures demonstrating the conversion of a mannequin into a statue. By Dan
Stirring Cauldron
- instructions for making a motorized witches cauldron. By Jeff Baird
Strobe Ghost
- instructions for creating a strobe light lawn decoration. By Cliff
Swamp Thang
- instructions for making a large scale static lawn decoration. By Cliff
Swinging Chandelier
- instructions for making a chandelier and getting it to swing. By Cory Derenburger
Super-Easy-Monster-In-The-Box (SEMITB)
- instructions for making a large box that moves using a off-center drill. By Mark Butler
Talking Boris
  - instructions for direct-connecting a "Talking Boris" to a stereo. By John Love.
Talking Bust
- instructions for rewiring a motion-sensor talking head to activate as desired. By Jeff Baird
Talking Skull
- instructions for adapting a Douglas Fir to a skull. By Pat Jones
Talking Tombstone
- instructions for mounting a hacked talking-tree into a foam tombstone. By Ted Perron
Tar Pit
- instructions for a life-sized figure-in-tar-pit prop. By Noah Fentz (Jeff)
Temperature Controller
- instructions for using dimmer circuit to control items. By Corey Minion
Teleportation Pod
- instructions for making a pod prop that an actor can stand inside. By LAZ  (Larry Neirynck)
Trick Table
- instructions for making a table that allows an actor to appear with a destroyed body. By Merlin
Toe Pincher Coffin
- instructions for making a fullsize coffin from foam and detailing it to look real. By SpookyBlue
Toxic Barrel Popup
- Toxic Barrel Pop-Up - instructions using pneumatics to pop a head out of toxic barrel.  By Chris Olsen
Toxic Drum
- instructions for converting a drum into a toxic drum. By Sean3000
Transforming Box
- instructions for a box that changes a reflection to something else. By Sue McDonald.
Tunnels and Tents
- instructions for making a cheap tent. By Corey Minion
Tuskin Raider Costume
- instructions for creating a highly detailed Star Wars costume. By StudioCreations
- basic instructions for making a spiny foru-legged creature prop. By Deathtouch (Mark)
Up and Down Head
- instructions for motor-driven moving pop-up head. By Chris Olsen
Vacuform Table
- instructions for building and using a vacuform table to create props. By SCREAM
Vacuform Table
- instructions for building a vacuform table using a shop-vac. By Ralis Kahn
Vacuum Cleaner Guy
- instructions for adapting a vacuum cleaner into a prop. By PropBoy (Scott)
- instructions for making a vampire head using a goalie mask as a base. By Ghoul Friday
Vampirella 2009
- basic instructions for making a life-sized figurine. By Screaming Scarecrow Studios
Verno The Dragon
- construction example of a large moving dragon. By hallowbeanie (Michele Slack).
- instructions for making vines out of wire and hand towels. By Born2Haunt
Spinning Walkthrough Tunnel
- instructions for building a life-size spinning tunnel that guests walk through. By Professor Time (Jeff Brown)
Spinning Walkthrough Tunnel
- construction example for making a walkthrough spinning tunnel prop. By Neil "Toktorill" Sather
Wall How-To
- instructions for connecting panels together to form walls. By Bananaman
Wall Sconce  - instructions for making a sconce of skeletal hands holding a candle. By Merlin
Wheel of Death
- instructions for motorized wheel with mounted skeleton. By Peter Woskov
Witches Campfire
- instructions for making a realistic-looking campfre perfect for a witches pot. By Skeleton Foundry (Leo)
Witch On Roof
- instructions for making a frame that connects to roof for supporting full size flying witches.  By Jeff Quaglietta
Witch Project
- instructions for covering a wighead with paper mache to make a witch head. (Select "projects" on the left then "Witch hat" from the list) By The Ghostess Deanna
Witches cooking tri-pod stand
- instructions for making a tripod-style stand appropriate for witches in the woods. By Skeleton Foundry (Leo)
Wizard Wands
- Instructions for making wizard wands out of paper. From DadCanDo
Wrought-Iron fence
- animated instructions for making a simulated wrought-iron fence. By Halloweenaddiction (Heath)
Wrought Iron Fence
- basic instructions for making a simulated iron fence. By Kathleen
- instructions for adapting a Christmas animated lawn deer to a realistic wolf. By Dreadnight
Zombie Arms
- instructions for making arms that can be planted in the ground. By Derek Greewood.
Zombie Hand
- instructions for making a hand from wire, tape and latex. By Traci
Zombie Heads - instructions for adapting a foam wig head. By Karen Woodiel
Zombie Project - video with basic instructions for making a full-sized foam-covered standup zombie. By Bob Boik

FOOD Projects
Meathead - instructions for an edible decoration made from Jell-O and cold cuts over a skull - original by Andy Oaklands , back online and now hosted by David Derksen. See also his Meathead Ingredients page
Supper Party Project
- instructions for making a variety of themed food for a Halloween supper party
Creepy Ghoulish Halloween Punch
- instructions for a punch with exposing worms. By Wendy Davis.


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