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The Monsterlist of Halloween Projects is the most complete collection of links to pages with do-it-yourself projects on them that I have ever seen. These are not your little kids Halloween crafts, every scary devious seriously spooky prop and project designed for truly scaring people is listed here. Most importantly, the list is checked periodically for accuracy. This is not an all-inclusive list of everything Halloween, the Monsterlist has no popup ads or sponsors, it is a volunteer site and will stay that way. It is not an index of professionals pushing their wares. It is simply a gathering place of projects and ideas that people who build their own Halloween props can use. Usually I have linked to the project page itself however I recommend browsing from there to the owners main Halloween page, there is usually plenty of interesting Halloween information. 

Last Update 01/12/2012 , 731 Project Links Validated


In the list below are plans and/or descriptions detailing how to build your own scares for Halloween. Each link opens in a new window. NOTE: The owners, developers, and authors of this web page and web site are not responsible for the misuse of the information provided on this page and web site and do not take responsibility for any use or outcome of the same. Please use common sense and the utmost safety precautions when designing and deploying special effects, props and decorations. 


Websites that chose to be listed as one entity instead of in the alphabetic list

Lawrence Lund's Halloween page - Lawrence Lund worked with others on many of these projects, each authors contributions are noted on each prop page.
Trash Can Trauma (c) - Character pops up out of trashcan. Advanced Project.
Mail box trauma- mailbox pops open and hand comes out. Advanced Project.
Jacobs Ladder - Large arcing electrical spark. Advanced Project.
The Can - a character pops up out of trashcan. Advanced Project.
Bottomless Pit - extensive illustrated instructions for box with mirrors to give effect of bottomless pit.
The Spider - large static spider on rooftop.
Witch and Cauldron - moving witches stirring a large cauldron lawn prop.
Payback Pumpkin - parts list and diagram for "alarm"ing pumpkin
How to build a PVC pneumatic cylinder - illustrated instructions for air-powered cylinder. Advanced Project.
Build A Creature - basic instructions for static plywood creature.
Leaping Loafer - extensive illustrated instructions for pop-up corpse. Advanced Project
Screen Door Closure - illustrated instructions for converting a screen door closer into pneumatic cylinder. Advanced Project.
Many More

Earthween Halloween Props by Jerry Seiler
Flying Crank Ghost
Pneumatic Fred
Leaning Larry
Popup Ghost
Rising Skeleton
Strobe Ghost
Pumpkin Tree
Fire Monster
Spinning Walkthrough Tunnel
Candlesticks - illustrated instruction for PVC flicker-bulb holders 
Timer Project
Many More

Adams Halloween Props by Adam Drendel
Endless Hallway
Head On A Table
Head In A Box
Sliding Picture
Prop Control
Spinning Floor
Lightning Simulator

The MonsterMaze By Mike Bruner
Alien in a Barrel - illustrated instructions for moving alien head mounted in a barrel. (includes video of prop in action!)
Ceiling Crawler - illustrated construction example of lightweight spray-foam over PVC character.
Poison Gas Mutant - extensive illustrated instructions 
Homemade Signs - extensive illustrated instructions for designing and printing signs.
Oscillating Fan Werewolf - extensive illustrated instructions for creating mask that moves back and forth.  (includes video of prop in action!)
Werewolf with Red Eyes - illustrated instructions for moving werewolf.
Skeleton in a square cage -
Friendly Frank - illustrated instructions for adapting a "groundbreaker" to life-size
Alien Pops prop - illustrated instructions for foil covered alien
Nicodemus - Lifesize static prop with PVC frame
Also - moving Alien Egg, Axe Murderer, Psycho Sickel 
Lifesize Killer Klown
Carcass Klown (Glowing Evil Dwarf Killer Klown)
Bruner Boy (Dwarf size Animatronic Killer Klown)
13 hour clock
Mini-Maze - illustrated instructions for giant wall-mounted maze for the kids.
Rules Reaper - illustrated instructions for life-size sign-holder
Skull Fountain - illustrated instructions for fountain using skull and vase
Drop Panels - illustrated instructions for fake panel that drops away
Many More

Brent Ross of DeviousConcoctions 
Candle Stick - illustrated instructions for attaching a lamp to a skull. By Brent Ross.
Coffin (Full) - extensive illustrated instructions for building a full-size coffin. Original by Scott N., this one by Brent Ross.
Neck Stump - illustrated instructions for creating a gurgling neck stump. By Brent Ross
Skeletal Organist - illustrations and parts list for creating full-size seated organist. By Brent Ross.
Self-Rocking chair
Stump Jumper - illustrated instructions for popup inside of a fake tree-stump
Talking Tombstone how-to
Many More

TwistedVisions by Don
6 foot tall pneumatic vampire
Mummy - illustrated instructions for building a pop-up mummy in a box. 
Candle Flicker
Death Chair - illustrated instructions for building full size static atmospheric chair.
Light Box
Foam Hands - illustrated instructions for creating full-size monster hands.
Airbrush make-up
Bob (animatronic Seated Skeleton) - extensive illustrated instructions on building a seated skeleton with a radio-controlled moving skull
Zombie - illustrated instructions for pop-up life size figure in a coffin.
Spooky Tombstones - illustrated instructions for carving foam tombstones to make exotic designs. 

Ghosts Of Halloween By Adam Tourkow
Donation Box
Ultimate Fog Chiller
Stone Entrance
Poka-dot wall
Extended Arms and Legs
Rot Iron Fence
Cheese-cloth Ghosts
Grave Coffin
Pallet Walkway

Lothars Lair by Dave Alma
Cemetary Gates
Gate Keeper
Clear Skull Sconce
Thrifty Sconce
FCG Hands
and more!

Wolfstone by Dennis Griesser
magic shrub
foam-cutting tools
thunder and lightning
thunder and lightning on demand
giant spider
Spider spitter
giant web
cemetary fence
pop-up skeleton
scream box
recordable sound box
trigger relay
FCG stand
cast plaster skulls
dimmer boxes and stake lights
pumpkin popup
fence columns
Terror Tone with remote volume control
mad monk
modified Boris
ginger bats
gnarled finger pretzels
witch centerpiece
tiny Halloween town
cast bat plaque
modified gargoyles
web-making machine
Jeep From Hell
line voltage switch
Gemmy fogger control
skull fountain and fake blood
Spooky clock
Spider spitter 2
Power sequencer
Air switch
Sound-To-Servo Driver
Talking Points
Activist Electric Tombstones
Crate Beast
Harbingers: signs of things to come
Spooky Clock II
lightning with Diversitronics strobes
Slide Trombone Of Doom
PIR sensor
Cheap Lightning Box
Mini Slave Strobe
What Lurks In The Dark?
singing pumpkin guts
multichannel audio player

Horrordome by Jerry  
THE CREEP FENCE - Keep those pesky intruders out, while giving your haunt a touch of class (this fence give a great feel of entrapment, it will really finish off your haunt)
GIANT 3 ' SPIDER AND 6 ' WEB  - Learn how to make this giant 6 foot spider web and this giant 3 foot spider that spins webs and has glowing red eyes (this is truly a stunning prop)
RAMPAGING RAT OR CAT - Learn how to turn a rubber rat, cat or any other rubber creature into a rampaging monster
THE TRANSFORMATION BOX - Learn how to turn a head into a skull right before your very eyes. This Prop is a must for any laboratory or dungeon (works with any two objects)
MAKE UP TIPS - HOLLYWOOD STYLE - Learn some make up tips from the MASTER
THE RAT IN A CAN - Create a monster Rat that jumps out of an old Garbage can
HORROR RIBS - Create Professional Horror Ribs for a Halloween Costume or for a Horror Prop
THE FLYING CRANK GHOST - She moves, she flies, she has glowing blue eyes
REMOTE CONTROLLED SPIDER - Create a 1 foot Spider that darts around like lightning
BOTTOMLESS PIT - Beware of the Creature that dwells in The Bottomless Pit
TRASH CAN TRAUMA(c) - This trash takes it self out!
SPIDER VICTIM - Assemble him, dress him and then hang him ! (works great with the 3-foot spider)
VAMPIRE BLOOD - Inexpensive and Tasty
FOLLOWING FACES - They follow you around just like your childhood pet bat, only you won't have to feed them. (Your friends will be amazed, terrified and maybe even disgusted)
MOTOR HEAD - What's with this guy, What's he looking for, what does he want and why is he here!
SPIDER WEB SPINNER - Now spin webs just as they do in your favorite horror movies (watch as your visitors get caught up in what looks, feels and acts like real spider webs.)
THE ARMY OF DARKNESS - They just stand there , waiting , waiting for their next victim

Deathlord.Net by the Deathlord
Crypt Keeper - extensive illustrated instructions for full size animated prop. 
Death Lord Dummy - extensive instructions for making a posable dummy prop. 
Grand Entrance - Extensive illustrated instructions for building large haunt entrance.
Jacobs Ladder - Large arcing electrical spark. Advanced Project.
Rotting Corpse - illustrated instructions for converting cheap skeleton to rotting corpse.
Spiderweb Candelabra - extensive illustrated instructions for adapting a candelabra to electricity.
Trash Can Trauma(c) - extensive illustrated instructions for building popup character prop. Advanced project. original by Carl Cheta
Elvira The Flying Ghost -  extensive instructions
Exhumed corpses - illustrated instructions for making a blow-mold skeleton look more convincing
Aerial Executioner
Air Trigger (now with air-line muffler)
Motion Trigger How-to
Exorcist pop-up How-to
Feeding Frenzy animated how-to
Wall Crawler (lightweight) how-to
Electrocution - illustrated instructions for lifelike electric chair
Candy Cauldron
Coffin Coronary
Death Chair
Lacerated Larry
Rotting Corpse
$20 air cannon how-to
and More!

FrightFX by Tom Johnson
The Bridge - Need a rickety old bridge in a hurry? Well this one can be made from an old pallet.
Cage With Skeleton Child - A small skeleton child trapped in a hanging cage for all to see.
Coffin - A simple wooden coffin for vampire housing and your good old zombies. 
The Control Box - A control box used for dimming lights for special effects.
Entrance Columns - These are a simple version of the original entrance column for a cemetery fence.
Entry Door - Do you have a haunt that could use sprucing up, then this is for you.
The Fireplace - If you need to spruce up an old room, then you'll want to build one of these. 
Floating Candelabra - This candelabra seems to float up and down magically on its own.
Flying Books - Make books seem to fly around the room all by themselves! 
Gravestones - Life-size gravestones built from Styrofoam and other household products. (Moonlit project)
Graveyard Fence - The original cemetery fence with pictures courtesy of Screamin' Scott. 
The Hangman - How to hang a real person and make them look like they are hung by the neck.
Haunted Books - Dancing books! (This is an amazing effect from Christopher Silvia a.k.a. Isolated looney). 
Haunted Clock - Are you looking for a way to make the time magically change to midnight?
Hellfire - Have a place that needs a fire effect? This effect makes an area flicker as if a fire is nearby. 
The Pillars - The most realistic looking pillars made from fiberglass roofing and cardboard pouring tubes.
Pond Popper - Got a pond or other water source you want to haunt, then this guy should live there. 
Pop-Out Monster - A simple pop-out monster based on an air compressor, but made with PVC.
Rat Eyes - Instructions on how to make totally random blinking rats eyes. 
The Soul Snatcher - Instructions on how to make a person fly down a wire as a gargoyle.
Talking Douglas Fir - How to make the Talking Douglas Fir trees with no input jack say what you want them to! 
Thunder & Lightning - The look of real lightning made from a circuit and spotlights.
Zombie Hands - Want realistic zombie hands for your creatures, then follow these easy steps.

OurHaunt.Com By Casey Paquet
Toe-Pincher Coffin
Skeleton Cage
Curved-Top Casket 
Buried Alive Coffin.
Bucky Lid
and more!

ImaginEERIEing by Neph
Magic Mirror how-to
Tombstones how-to
Spirits In The Trees how-to
Attic Apparations how-to
Piratical Pumpkin how-to
Simulated Reality Systems By Edwin Wise (select "haunting" from menu)
Faces, peeled
Arm, lifelike
Leg Dissection
Parts: Finger, Brain, Heart
Dolls made Creepy
Head, decapitated
Head Lifecast
Bone Aging
Corpse, Basic
Corpse, Wet and Nasty
Alligator Attack
and more!

Haunted Yards By Jeff Barry
a Simple Pop-up,
an Air Cannon,
an Air Blaster,
a Build a Corpse,
a Pneumatic Web Shooter,
a Canvas Brick Wall Fašade
and more!

Haunt Warehouse By Gary
Barrel Pop-Up
Flaming Cauldrons
Fog Chiller
Grave Digger
Grave Jumpers
Graveyard Fence
Pneumatic Piston

SpyderWood by John Nilsen
Leer (animated skeleton/gravestone)
Reindeer Wolf (wolf made from animated reindeer)
Marshall (lifesized zombie)
Spot (giant spider)
and more!

Scary Guy On The Corner by Dave Jarman
Haunted Tree
 Strobe Ghosts
Grave Crawler
FCG Crypt
Fake Fire - hacked from a flaming cauldron
And More!

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